Welcome to the Communication Channel of Helados Estiu S.A.

Our ethics and values

    The business activity and the achievement of the economic objectives of Helados Estiu S.A. They must be achieved while respecting its commitment to social responsibility, which implies managing the Company in a manner committed to basic values ​​such as excellence in compliance with food safety regulations, worker safety and the environment. It is essential for the Organization to guarantee a work climate based on mutual respect, cooperation and dialogue; and a priority commitment to ethics and compliance with the Law. For these reasons, we make this channel available to you so that you can notify us of breaches of internal regulations and the law.


Uses this link to be able to access the Code of Ethics of Helados Estiu S.A.

Who can use the channel?

Members of the organization, interested parties, customers and suppliers; as referred to in Law 2/2023 on the protection of the people who report.

What can I communicate?

Breach of the law, of the internal regulations of Helados Estiu S.A., any issue related to the violation of our BRC and IFS standards, conduct that may constitute a criminal offense or any matter that violates the interests of the European Union.